The Personal Planning Forecast

Personal planning often begins with a broad view of goals and opportunities. A well-informed general forecast of possibilities is helpful—yet there are times when a focused projection is more valuable. For example, planning for retirement likely starts with a general retirement goal and then focuses on what you’ll encounter as you move toward that goal.

As you consider your personal planning needs, it may be helpful to include charitable giving in your forecasting. This website examines a variety of gift options and highlights the many ways you can fit charitable giving into your long-term planning. Here are a few examples:

  • a charitable bequest in your will is an effective way to plan a gift now and complete it later, allowing changes to the gift arrangement if your goals change
  • a life income gift can provide retirement income for the rest of your life, along with a current tax deduction
  • a gift of stock (held long term) avoids the capital gains tax associated with a sale of stock

Because of the many options available, planning forecasts nearly always have room for charitable giving. Please contact us for more information about ways to make a personally satisfying gift.

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