Year-End Giving: An Equal Opportunity Planning Tool

Gift planning preferences should always be shaped by personal philanthropic goals. When you want to make a difference... when you’re interested in supporting a particular program or a unique service... year-end giving remains an equal opportunity planning tool. Not only is philanthropy gratifying, but charitable gifts can play an important role in overall personal, tax, and estate planning.

The beauty of year-end giving is its unique flexibility. Indeed, there are many options, which means you can tailor gifts to support your interests and your specific views and preferences. As one of the supporters who make our mission possible, we’re convinced that you can benefit from year-end giving strategies that offer a unique combination of tax savings and personal satisfaction.

Finding the right gift option can make your giving traditions more meaningful and satisfying.

Consider these options...

  • A gift of appreciated stock held more than one year immediately supports our work and avoids additional tax.
  • A life income gift is a way to make a difference in our mission and provide income for retirement.
  • A gift through your will or living trust allows you to plan a meaningful legacy gift and keep lifetime control of your assets.

We want to help

If we can help you or your advisors explore the many options and opportunities available for planning a gift, please let us know. It would be a privilege to discuss these ideas with you or to help you examine the role year-end giving might play in your overall philanthropic goals.

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