Making a Difference

Philanthropy: Today and Tomorrow

There are many reasons why people give—indeed, too many to count. Nonetheless, since giving is highly personal, all of our donors can benefit from asking how they can make the most of their charitable gifts. Whether you are considering a tax-deductible gift before year end or sometime next year, the particular approach you take to giving can increase the impact your personal philanthropy makes and the tax savings you enjoy.

We are grateful for donors and supporters like you who sponsor our work, and we deeply appreciate your generosity, assistance, and collaboration. As you consider charitable giving options, remember that your specific long-term goals, current financial situation, and everyday family needs are all part of the decision-making process. In addition, gift options should be evaluated in terms of:

  • Gift timing
  • How you fund your gift, and
  • Where taxes fit

Philanthropy is Personal

The charitable arrangements you choose, the property you select, the advantages and disadvantages inherent in individual gifts, tax considerations—all influence the legacy you leave. We invite you to review the gift planning ideas on this website and to contact us for additional information. We’re convinced that you will find exceptional giving opportunities with unique combinations of tax savings and personal satisfaction. It would be a pleasure to help you identify rewarding options for supporting our work and reaching your charitable goals.

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